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Portfolio: Virtual Reality

One of our specialities is virtual reality, a cool (but niche) technology particularly useful for higher education, tourism & estate agents.

Archaeology more…

Belize archaeological camp VR

Archaeology more…

Central Hall VR

College Tour more…

New College, Tutorial in Caples Hall--VR movie


Skye panorama VR

Estate Agents

Florida House


Exhibition VR


Higgar Tor VR


Nadar VR object

There are two types of virtual reality: objects (things you can view from many angles) and panoramas (standing in one spot and looking all around you). VR can also have “hotspots”—like links in a web page—which bring you to a different viewpoint of the same scene or provide more information about something specific in the scene.

ardes have won awards for our use of the technology. In addition, we’ve stretched it to be used in inhospitable climates such as on an archaeological site in the jungles of Belize.