A little bit about us

About Ardes

We take a minimalist approach to design: clean design presents a clearer focus for your message than cluttered work. This translates into good business sense for our clients.

Ray Drainville established Ardes in 1999 to create websites, logos, posters & much more to our customers.

So, what’s our name all about, then? It comes from an ancient philosophical theory called the Argument from Design: if something is logically and beautifully organised, it is evidence that it was consciously created, and not a by-product of chance. We live by the sentiment of this argument. But the connection between the philosophical Argument from Design & some religious views became too close over the years—so we’ve changed the name to “Ardes”.

Graphically, our minimalist aesthetic helps guide the viewer to what we’re trying to communicate. That minimalist aesthetic guides us in our development as well, helping us produce leaner & more maintainable code.

This therefore translates into good business sense for our clients: we not only focus our work fully upon their needs, we make certain they have a firm foundation upon which to grow. As our portfolio & case studies attest, we specialise in addressing the real needs of businesses both small & large as well as institutions of higher education.

Our Approach to Jobs & Clients

Should you decide to hire us to work for you, you’ll find that ardes pursue a very transparent approach designed to include our clients in the process as much as possible.

We follow what we like to call a “lather, rinse, repeat” cycle for our work.: we show you iterations of our graphical & web development work as it’s being developed to help ensure that we’re on-track for your needs.