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Ardes: Portfolio

Our work is borne from extensive experience in the fields of graphic design & web application development, and choosing us means you’ll get an experienced team that has worked from best practices right from the foundation of the company.

Web Development

ardes’s Web Development Portfolio

Web development forms the bulk of ardes’s work. Our sites are recognised in the industry for being the forefront in terms of usability and design.

Our speciality is developing websites with Ruby on Rails and PHP frameworks.

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Corporate Identity Design

ardes’s Corporate Identity Design Portfolio

Like our websites, our work on corporate identity design (more commonly known as “logo & letterhead design”) is highly praised. ardes strive for a clean, striking look. In a world where there is so much competition, it pays to have a look that people will remember.

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Poster Design

ardes’s Poster Design Portfolio

Whether large or small, posters are an effective way to capture people’s attention. We’ve got a lot of experience & have an extensive portfolio for you to view.

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Brochure Design

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Print is dead? Hardly! We’ve made quite a few brochures over the years, and if anything, demand is increasing.

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Book Cover Design

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They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Perhaps not, but good book cover design certainly helps sell them.

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Virtual Reality

ardes’s Virtual Reality Portfolio

One of ardes’s specialities is the cool (but niche) technology of virtual reality. It’s a powerful medium that may be of great service to you—it can be used for tourism, teaching, presentations, estate agency sales and more.

ardes have won awards for our use of the technology. In addition, we’ve stretched it to be used in inhospitable climates such as on an archaeological site in the jungles of Belize.

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ardes’s Photography Portfolio

To make your content compelling you need good photography. You won’t get far without it.

We’ll help you get your message across with the shot you need.

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Whether you’re looking for someone with experience in the creation of magazine illustrations, maps, advertisements or something else, we’re likely to have done it.

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