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This is Ardes, the purveyors of quality design services since 1999. We are not taking on any new work. That said, you can still have a look at our portfolio of web, logo, poster, brochure & book cover design. There are also a number of case studies.

Ardes was started by Ray Drainville. Ray got his PhD at the Manchester School of Art (Manchester Metropolitan University) studying the iconography (or as he’d like to call it, iconology) of social media. Those interested in the subject might be interested in viewing some of his research.

Implicit Bias Project

Creating Confrontation: Our graphical & technical approach powers arresting academic sites


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Lecturing: Ray is an assistant professor of digital media at the University of Waterloo’s Stratford School of Interaction Design and Business.

PhD: Ray got his PhD in the intersection of iconography, social media research & digital culture. Read more about Ray’s research.

Corporate Identity: Implicit Bias Project, Women in Philosophy Task Force, Atlas Retail Consultants; Distinctive Doors corporate & “Samson” product line logos; and much more.

Print Work: book cover designs for Oxford University Press & posters for the University of Sheffield.

Note: Ardes used to be called “Argument from Design”, but we changed the name in 2013.